Five-a-Dale Growers Society – February

Aye up now then and how art thee!

Still a bit nippy out there, isn’t it?!  So were into February now and the very first signs of spring can be seen, as the soil warms up and buds begin to grow on fruit trees and bushes.

Vegetables begin to wake up and produce new growth. These are the signals that it’s safe to think about sowing a row of early peas and broad beans.

SOW AND PLANT: Prepare a seed-bed and sow spring onion, early types of carrots and lettuces. You can now plant garlic and shallots, too.

JOBS: Check over any fruit trees and soft fruit bushes for damage and disease, and feed with fertiliser. Finish any winter pruning of soft fruit bushes. Cover the soil with cloches or sheets of plastic to warm it up, ready for the next sowing and planting session.

Check over the chitting potatoes and rub off any eyes that are unwanted, leaving three or four shoots.

Keep some garden fleece or newspapers nearby to cover them up on frosty nights.

Keep checking any produce in store. It will begin to wake up after its winter sleep and regrow.

Right I can hear my little kettle whistling I my shed, and my comfy chair is calling.


Bye Bye for now.