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We’d like to thank the talented contributors that have helped bring the Five-A-Dale brand to life!

Five-a-Dale Contributors

  • Robin Davies has illustrated hundreds of books for several top international children’s book publishers. He is the leading illustrator for Thomas & Friends™ and has lead the way for the style of the Five-A-Dale art work.
  • Niall Harding has been creating illustrations for use in publishing, advertising, television and the toy industry for 30 years. He is an approved illustrator for Disney Princess™, Postman Pat®, Bob the Builder™, Fireman Sam™ and Sesame Street®.
  • Kate Haseldine is an outstanding primary school teacher. She has experience as a leading teacher and E-safety trainer, and creates easy-to-follow plans and time-saving resources, allowing teachers to focus on their pupils’ progress. Her particular interests include e-safety, primary languages and health and wellbeing.
  • Tom Rennolds has worked with some of the cooking world’s elite, including Michel Roux Jr. The executive chef and MasterChef finalist has a passion for fresh and seasonal food.
  • Emily Stead has loved creating books for children since she was a child herself! She has written and edited hundreds of children’s titles, from best-selling character story books, to pop-ups and activity titles.
  • Graham Wise is an author, editor and designer. He has years of experience creating colourful and fun-packed fiction, non-fiction, activity and learning books for kids of all ages.
  • The SEO Works are an award-winning digital agency and have created the website you are viewing today.
  • Cloud King Creative provide high-quality digital and print projects for some of the coolest children’s brands. Expert comic, book and magazine creators.
  • Dave Philips is Five-a-Dale’s official photographer.
  • StrawberryToo was born in 2014 as a unique,creative design & digital agency with the aim to develop and nurture Hull’s marketing and design talent. The agency behind the idea, Strawberry, has been in the industry for almost 25 years and has won various prestigious awards, including a 2016 Dadi Award.

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